Introducing Kibart: Solid Competitive Farming on BSC

Kibart is the only competitive liquidity management framework focused on creating awesome returns for everyone involved so we can all sleep better at night. Our focus is developing innovative asset pools that maximizes return while keeping the liquidity pool capital as safe and secure as possible. In doing so, we aim to create a unique platform that meets the needs of the DeFi industry.

It is common knowledge that the concept of Yield Farming still looks opaque for regular people. And to make the life of regular farmers or those interested harder, it is almost impossible to keep up with the number of projects coming up with different strategies on a daily basis. More so, it is filled with people who are economically advantaged with large capital and deep pockets. At the heart of it also is the risk of rugpulls, scams, bad smart contract and other security concerns

We believe that DEFI and Yield farming should be fun and one based on a fantastic collaboration of ideas, interests and strategies towards the community growth. We are actively looking for community contributors to build up our culture, debate on farming strategies and scout for upcoming farms.

Why Kibart Yield Farming?

DeFi has come to stay and it’s going to be a large part of us in the coming years, its use cases right now blow our minds but what is coming will be beyond our imagination. We will see more financial instruments and various yield farming opportunities in the future as the industry progresses and matures. Kibbart is just right at the centre of bringing the future down to you with the strategy of farming without the complications of pairing assets for liquidity and risks of impermanent loss.

There are protocols chasing after high yield with constantly changing strategies or with aggressive strategies, however only a strategically designed farming protocol can provide the sustainability and stability needed in DeFi today.

Current Problems With DeFi Yield Farming

The BSC space has yielded projects for the crypto community. The lights for BSC is hitting faster. Kibart is a a fairly distributive farming token for the BSC community and a test of value for solid yield farming, future project listing and NFTs. However, we believe the whole chain is missing critical elements:

· Centralized operation with limited community involvement

· Closed nature of the codes plus system changes and fund deployment are sometimes done anonymously, which poses a big security risk.

· Unproven and untested strategies

And this is the reason why we developed Kibart, a distributive yield farming protocol for everyone and by everyone.

Kibart Tokenomics

Distribution of Kibart tokens

80% of Kibart supply was seeded as liquidity and 20% for marketing and developers

KBT: The total supply of KBT is 500.000 and 1.5% of each transaction will be added to liquidity on sell order forever. 5% will also be distributed to holders and Kibart will suck 6.5% of each sell transaction. Also note that There have been NO token sales of any kind.

Total Supply = 500,000

Liquidity = 80%

Long term Yield mining and Additional Strategy

Kibart token was designed to make sellers feel remorse. Every sell transaction is turned into additional liquidity constantly pushing up the price floor.

Kibart is designed to incentivize farmers over the long run. Users provide liquidity in the form of KBT/BNB to earn kAlpha(soon to be launched). Subsequent Kibart tokens, named kBeta and bGamma will launch after kAlpha which will further incentivize liquidity.

kAlpha: 100% of the total supply of the first Kibart token will be distributed via liquidity mining

kAlpha, kBeta and kGamma

To be announced

We have opened up the Kibart joint for community members to hang out. Follow us on Medium and Twitter for the latest updates.






The only fairly competitive token for the BSC community and a test of value for solid yield farming, future project listing and NFTs

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The only fairly competitive token for the BSC community and a test of value for solid yield farming, future project listing and NFTs